The Most Important Thing

The most important message you will ever hear is that God Loves You.

That's right – there's no one greater than God and He Loves YOU

Doesn't matter who you are, what you are or what you have done, God still Loves you.

And that means there is Hope.

Doesn't matter where you are, how you got there or where you think you are heading, there is Hope for you.

Source of All Wisdom

If you are wondering how we know this, it's all in the Bible – that is God's revelation to us about Himself.

The most well known statement from the bible says:

"For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life.*

Those are the words of Jesus Christ who was a prophet but more than a prophet – He was the very embodiment of God in human form – none less than the Son of God.

Source of All Heartache

Dove of Peace

Jesus says that God loves the "world", meaning everyone in the world.

That's the world where we fight and kill each other, where we kidnap and torture one another, where we blow up those we disagree with, where we shoot peaceful protestors, where we throw food away while others are starving, where we destroy children for sexual gratification, where the few are paid millions while countless others have to choose between keeping warm or feeding themselves.

And worst of all, we have no one to blame for all this but ourselves – you and me.

Where is the Exit?

But while God loves everybody, the only people who can be saved from this sick world are those who "believe in" Jesus Christ the Son of God. That means putting your trust in Him and committing your life into His hands.

Do you know someone who was going to die unless they had surgery? They had to believe in the surgeon. They had to trust his knowledge, his skill and his willingness to do the right thing. They then had to commit themselves entirely, without reservation, to the surgeon.

That's what it means to believe in Jesus Christ. The difference is that surgery can be a matter of life or death, but trusting Jesus Christ is a matter of where you will spend eternity.

The Ultimate Choice

Put your trust in Jesus Christ and know that after this life there awaits a new, eternal life.

Ignore Jesus Christ and you are looking at eternal damnation.

No one can choose for you. The choice is yours alone – but, as they say, "it’s really a no-brainer".

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* John 3:16